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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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city... looking for a new police chief. the scandal involving the city's animal shelter... that may have led to the top cop's resignation. ((dave courvoisier)) > be prepared for sticker shock in 2016. michelle mortensen shows us how much more we'll pay for staples like milk and eggs this year... and the few bright spots where prices are actually dropping./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > two people are in critical condition... after a crash in the southwest part of town. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez. police are still on the scene tonight... near durango and warm springs. metro's fatal detail crew is also there... they investigate whenever things are bad... in case a victim ends up dying. ((dave courvoisier)) police say one person was ejected from a car during the crash. 8 news now talked with a man who says his wife was driving the pick-up truck involved in the crash... she was taken to u-m-c and is expected to be okay. no official word yet on the other victim./// ((denise valdez)) > the head of
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department... has resigned. police chief bill conger just turned in his resignation. this comes after an investigation into a former animal control official... accused of needlessly killing animals. it was revealed that conger had dropped a criminal case against former animal control supervisor mary jo frazier when she retired from her job. an investigation revealed she illegally killed 91 animals. the case caused public outrage among boulder city residents who found out their pets were among those killed./// ((dave courvoisier)) > last week you had a feeling if the runnin' rebels stumbled, something would be done. ((denise valdez)) the rebels certainly stumbled and something was done. sports director chris maathuis joins us with more on today's press conference at unlv. ((chris maathuis)) the university made two players and the new coach available. acting head coach todd simon met with the media. simon held practice as the new head coach... ryan miller and stacey augmon
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word is that max good may have left the program... still waiting on confirmation. but with simon you get a no nonsense guy, who says if you're not producing or running plays... you'll be on the bench. (( )) todd simon/coach; "next man up, next man up, zero tolerance then? next man up, that's the beauty of having depth and guys understand this is a team and we're going to try to do something special with it and they've bought into we all want to tolerate less then that." ben carter/unlv; "for me not to give my all the rest of the season and career would be wrong it would be selfish, i'm a rebel that's what i am and will continue to be." the rebels don't have much time to see if the transition works... they've got new mexico in town tomorrow night... the lobos are 3-0 in league play. tip off 7 pm at the mack.
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leave unlv with a hefty check... with the two parties mutaully agreeing on parting ways, rice will take home about 900 thousand dollars. he's owed his base salary and unlv gave him a two year extension last year. it's funny when rice was being 'courted' so. florida university a few years ago... many of the same people calling for his head today, were the same people who were organizaing a 'save rice' campaign. it's all about what have you done lately... and 0-3 in league play, in a bad league, doomed his fate at unlv. ((dave courvoisier)) > police say a man is dead... after his own son shot and killed him inside his henderson home. this happened just before noon... near patrick and stephanie. police say 22- year- old daron clanton is behind bars. we're told the victim is a 54- year- old man: ((michelle french - spokeswoman, henderson pd: this is an unusual occurrence and our hearts and thoughts go out to the families that are involved in this. last year we had four homicides in henderson and at this point we are into our investigation
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((dave courvoisier)) while the coroner has yet to release the name of the victim... records show the home is owned by kevin lewis clanton and maria 'f' clanton. they've owned the house since 1993. 22- year- old daron clanton is at the henderson detention center and is facing an open murder charge./// ((denise valdez)) > a district judge granted a preliminary injunction... that will stop the roll out of nevada's new education savings accounts. the program allows parents to claim more than 5- thousand- dollars in state per- pupil school funds every year... to use it for education expenses. the injunction orders the state treasurer to stop the program's implementation. .. just weeks before money was expected to be handed out to parents. opponents say the program diverts money from public schools and could go against the state constitution./// ((dave courvoisier)) > clear skies today... tedd will the sunny days stick around this week?
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>count on it, dave. not as stormy this week, but it will certainly be chilly by morning. we'll take a look at your overnight lows neighborhood by
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((dave courvoisier)) > the holidays may be over... but that isn't stopping thieves from targeting mailboxes. our viewers are telling us about a rash of recent mail box break-ins. ((denise valdez)) thieves are stealing checks, credit cards, and personal information. paul joncich has the details. < ((12:22:42 ed davis/neighbor: "looks like they just took some channel locks and spun the whole lock.")) channel locks, crowbars, even counterfeit master keys. criminals are getting into neighborhood mailboxes all kinds of ways. the latest las vegas cluster box to be broken into....over the
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down. ((12:15:15 mark schliebus/neighbo r: "i don't feel safe and i wish that the authorites would be trying to persue the people that are doing this in our neighborhoods.")) ((12:32:26 cheryl schliebus/neighbo r: "i know metro has lots of stuff on their plate, but this is a crime as well, and we haven't gotten any satisfaction so far.")) that's the frustrating part, metro will only respond if you catch a mail theif in the act. otherwise, it's up to the postal inspector to come out, inspect the box, and order a repair or replacement. ((12:20:35 ed davis/neighbor : "now i have to go down the street, stand in line and beg for my....mail.")) that's right, whenever a group box like this is compromised, mail is held at the post office....until repairs are made, usually within five days. postal officials would not tell us the number of recent break- ins, only that criminal activity seems to peak whenever mail volume is at its highest. ((12:36 :17 cheryl: "it's happened to us before. not here, but in california our
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huge identify theft problem."))> ((denise valdez)) so what can you do to protect your mail? first -- don't leave your mail in the box overnight. second -- if you know you have a package coming and you won't be home, have it delivered to a neighbor's home during the day. and lastly -- use the postal service's new technology like real time tracking. so you know what you're getting and when it's coming. there are 12 important tips in all. you can check them out on our website las vegas ((dave courvoisier)) > a bus driver slams into a bus stop. what we know about the driver and the victim... and why that destroyed bus- stop won't be replaced. plus... mark your calendars for the "living green" super recycling event. it's january 23-rd at the thomas and mack... just go to las vegas now dot com for a full list of items that will be accepted./// <
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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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now at 6 with dave courvoisier and paula francis. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > three people have died in the first 11 days of 2016 after being hit by vehicles. the latest happened saturday morning... when a bus struck a woman walking on the sidewalk... on tropicana near dean martin. patrick walker has more on the investigation. ((patrick walker/reporting: "investigators are still trying to determine why a bus drove onto the sidewalk... killing 39-year old jooyoung do saturday morning." )) ((patrick walker)) colleagues say do was a researcher at kyungpook national university in south korea... and was here for c-e-s. her supervisor shared these photos with us. police say do was walking on the sidewalk... when 22-year- old jamal nichols swerved off the road... taking out a bus shelter and striking do. (( patrick walker: "you ride the bus a lot, have you seen close calls?" rod floyd: "i've seen close calls, but like i said it hasn't been on this route.")) ((patrick walker)) rod floyd heard about saturday's deadly crash... and says he always keeps an eye on what's happening out on the
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rod floyd/bus rider: "i never stand inside (the shelters), i always stand off, where i can see what's coming at me.")) ((patrick walker)) u-n-l-v vulnerable road users project director erin breen says this is a dangerous area for pedestrians.... and she says this is a reminder that a vehicle can leave the road at any time. ((erin breen/unlv vulnerable road users project: "if you're spending time on the sidewalk, you can never let your guard down, )) ((patrick walker)) nichols is an employee of keolis transit america... which provides bus drivers to the r-t-c. a company spokesman says they are cooperating with police... but can't tell us anything more about nichols. ((patrick walker/reporting: "it's unclear if the bus driver will face charges... but the coroner has ruled do's death an accident. patrick walker... 8 news now.")) ((dave courvoisier)) vulnerable road users project director erin breen tells us the bus stop will not be replaced in its current location. she says it's in an area where it cannot be moved back away from the street... so the stop will be placed in a nearby location. ///
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tedd florendo ((>clear skies today and temps warmed up to the mid 50's again. winds calm with temps cooler than yesterday. expecting clouds to coming in a little more overnight, but still staying partly clear. ............................... ..... afternoon temps in the low to mid 50's with some locales in the high 40's by late day. cold in mount charleston and the higher terrain. milder over to the east sections in the east side of town where we're lower in elevation. ............................... ....... regional temps cold in the central sections of the state. milder from mesquite down to laughlin and near average. mild for death valley and pahrump cool by afternoon, but cold by morning. ............................... ........... chilly actually through much of the u.s.
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after a mild weekend for the mid-atlantic a lot of areas ore on the cooler side. cold in the upper tier state and midwest. temps down all the way to dallas and atlanat to 40 at this hour and colder than us. they had subzero temps in the upper plains over the weekend. ............................... ............ cold enough to produce out there. from chicagon over to to the michigan. even some lake effect snow bands near buffalo and upstate new york. ............................... ............ next storm bringing more rain for portland and seattle and a lot of snow in the cascades and the idaho panhandle. ............................... ................ clouds coming in from the west but expected to stay dry for now. that could change as this crawls down and bring some winds, but shower chances seem to be limited to the mountains or slim. ............................... .................. we're going to have some cold
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some below freezing overnight. especially again on the edges of town and single digits for kyle canyon. ............................... .................. regional temps even colder for pahrump and primm. teens for tonopah and pioche. cold even for death valley by morning. laughlin in the 40's and cold in reno. ............................... .................. tonight expect a low of 34 and very chilly. partly cloudy overnight with mainly light winds, but breezes for the colorado river. tomorrow look for a high of 55 with plenty of sun. not quite average, but close. light winds less than 10 mph. ............................... ........................ extended forecast shows, this week not as active as last week. slight mountain shower chances on wed and thursday. possibly some drop son saturday, but that's a slight chance. temps stay near average and chilly early week. do you like to save money? most people will answer yes to that question no matter how much money they make. ((dave courvoisier)) everyone likes a bargain.
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not everything is going to be as affordable as it once was. ((denise valdez)) 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen has been investigating what its going to cost us this year for the things we need the most. ((michelle mortensen)) today i am the bearer of bad news. the costs of a lot of essentials ... wants ... and needs will be going up this year. economists spend a lot of time analysing this stuff ... and here's what they say you're going be shelling out more dough for this year. and speaking of dough.... the first thing on the list is girl scout cookies. they're pretty much 5 bucks nationwide now as opposed to $4. the up side to that is the girl scouts are taking home 95 cents from every box sold. keeping with the food theme ... the food you buy in general is going to cost you more. last year we saw prices for eggs and milk skyrocket and you can expect that to continue. but not just for breakfast items -- for everything. according to the u.s.
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prices across the board could jump anywhere from 2 to 3 percent. gas is also expected to go up this year... by about 50 cents come summertime... according to many analysts. but gas is almost half as expensive as it was a year ago, according to the u.s. energy information administration.. .. so some argue .. gas shouldn't be on this list. however if the cost of gas does rise ... you can expect airfare to rise as well. the fiscal times predicts it could go up as much as half a percent this year. last but not least prescription drugs are also expected to go way up in 2016. one manufacturer already raised prices across the bored 20 percent. and that's after an estimated 8 percent increase last year. ((michelle mortensen)) now i don't have all bad news .. a few things might be cheaper this year. computers, drones, iphones and the price of gold are all supposed to be dropping.
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goal to help you save money and get out of debt this year ... i will always have deals, coupons and freebeis for you to take advanatge of. just go to m ... and click on the 8 on your side section to check it out. this week i have free kindle books for you ... diaper deals .... coupons for yougurtland ... restaurants and grocery stores. ((denise valdez)) and for any type of consumer issue you might run into... just call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650- 1907./// ((denise valdez)) > southern nevada is home to world's largest eco- friendly distribution center. the "levi strauss" center in henderson received leed platinum certification today... after the company retro-fitted the building to be better for the environment. (( michael kobori, vp sustainability, levi strauss & co.: "it means that it is a green building, which means it's better for the planet. it uses less energy, less water, sends less waste to the landfill. so it's better for the environment, better for the
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it's also better for the people who are in the building." )) ((denise valdez)) to help meet the standards... campus... and it now uses 90- percent less water than the average facility in henderson. they've also added more bike racks and replaced vending levi srauss has been in henderson since 1978./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels went with the next man up mentality. ((denise valdez)) unlv forced their head coach out and promoted an assistant. sports director chris maathuis here with more on today's buzz at unlv. ((chris maathuis)) funny how life can change in a matter of seconds. it certainly did for dave rice. if unlv makes a correct pass, makes one basket, gets one more loose ball or rebound and we're not even talking about rice getting fried by the unversity. plus...
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bulls, cowboys and the ole helldorado... bigger and better then ever before. sports is next here on 8 news
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> ((chris maathuis)) it's been a wild week for the runnin' rebels, going into the week, dave rice was looking to get a few road wins in a bad conference. by the end of the week, he was looking for a job. rice was forced out on sunday and former findlay prep head coach and rebel assistant todd simon was given the reins of the program. he says he's not feeling any pressure... but the players certainly feel that pressure. (( )) todd simon/coach; "pressure does a lot of things and we've been under pressure and there's no question there's pressure. once you've blown a game or two,
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not a gain, it builds, you try to inbound a ball too fast or a short cut, you try to do the little bit more then your job, we've got to get back to just do your job, don't try to be more then what you do." we'll see how they do their jobs tomorrow against new mexico... it's a 7 p.m tip at the thomas and mack. ((chris maathuis)) we first told you about this event about 3 weeks ago --- and today was made official. the professional bullriders and the elks helldorado rodeo are getting together in may at the mgm village across from mandalay bay. the announcement was made at city hall --- a lot of people have been pushing hard for months to bring all parties together to make this happen. this will be a prca sanctioned rodeo --- in fact, it will be one of the top four events that the pro bullriders do every year so there will be a major promotional efforts for this event --- everybody is happy about this deal, the elks, the
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vegas mayor ((carolyn goodman you know its our history and that's since 1934 when helldorado first became an event in the heart of a teeny tiny little city we've been fanning that forever and ever casey lane we feel like we're a part of teh city we've been here 23 years with our world finals, we've had events off and on in the spring but this really cements that partnership pat christensen fans get a rodeo and pbr last man standing the carnivals gonna return, all the interactive stuff around it. so i think the combination is really gonna be something locals are going to look forward to )) the annual event will be held on the mgm's village property ---- outdoors on the strip across from the luxor. its empty right now, but they use this property for some great events. helldorado days also includes a golf tournemant, the helldorado parade downtown, a carnival, art show and all sorts of events on the property during this event in the middle of may --- they're gonna turn it into a wild west town.
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promote former prepsters who have a chance to make it big. their web site, 'vegas on the rise' tracks local athletes who've made it in the pros. tonight at 11, we'll tell ya about their lastest project. a pretty cool idea... as long as the nfl doesn't see it. dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now we're always on at laa vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) see you
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